We help you spend less
on your laser marking, everyday.


Customer Quote - Owner of medium size tooling company

"I made a mistake when I got a 200LMS : I did not get another one !"

You will be self sufficient in minutes !

The 200 LMS laser marking station is designed to be used in the industrial world with extreme use of operation, even for operators that are not technology savvy ... We only use the best and most reliable components so that our customers have piece of mind and are fully independent.

Don't worry, should there be a problem, or a simple need of some advice, we are available to help you streamline your marking process. Test us : we are highly flexible !

The following highly intuitive software comes with the laser marking station

Customer Quote - Production Manager of a large components manufacturing business

"The knowledge of Neolase about our application made us save money immediately, I wish all the machines we bought were the same"


We have been selling and maintaining these type of lasers for 20+ years now, worldwide ... in all sort of weird and wonderful applications, so we kind of know what works and what does not. Trust us, test us ... you will not be disappointed !


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