Laser marking is simple : we are here to help you save time and money by using our laser marking on your products.

Neolase is a UK start-up company that specialize in providing laser marking stations and laser marking services to a wide range of industries to mark metals, plastics and composite materials). Thanks to our extensive worldwide experience, we aim to offer top quality machines and services efficiently and affordably.

Our industrial lasers are smarter, simpler, cheaper, environmentally friendly.

Today 1,000's of companies are switching to this marking technique ... because it makes sense ... and because it matters.

From choosing the right machine for what you want to do, to using the correct industrial processes, to training your staff, to using the correct settings on your substrates : we believe that we can make you gain in productivity, efficiency and ultimately competitivity.

Laser marking and engraving at its best : just send us your samples for marking, we will test your idea FREE OF CHARGE.

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